Our Company

Paritetboat designed, tested and developed the first glass bottom boat LOOKER in 1998. Our aim was to create an ideal instrument for underwater world observation.

We developed unique ultra-durable bottom window shaped as an optically regular spheroid of never seen before size 2×3 m — it is still the biggest size all over the world. Our specialists created vessel for comfortable and safe underwater viewing while boat tours.

Nowadays glass bottom boats and yachts LOOKER are used and bring profit to its owners worldwide.

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  • Eye-catching design. It picks customers interest even before the trip.
  • High-seaworhiness. Provides passengers comfort and safety.
  • Low operation costs. Hydrofoil construction decreases engine load that lowers fuel consumption and increases operational life of the engines.
  • Panoramic bottom glass. Provides ultimate passenger experience.
  • Hydrofoil. Promotes operation costs reduction, seakeeping level increase and great aquaplaning effect.
  • Passenger capacity. Due to well-designed and proven frame structure our boats can comfortably accommodate from 20 to 40 passengers (depending on boat type).
  • Aluminium hull. Material providing long service lifelime of vessels.
  • Ultra-durable bottom glass. It is made of modified acrylic and has thickness 15 mm it’s more solid than fiberglass boat hull.

CE/ABYC Certification

We certify every particular boat if necessary according to ABYC standards and EC directives:

  • 2003/44/EC
  • 94/25/EC